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Newbie WoW Gold Tip – Spider Silk

As a new or grinding player, Gold is always in high demand, and the information overload on what to train, what to harvest, and what prof’s to worry about can be insane. This article I found does a good job, I think of making a case for Spider Silk and it’s value.


World of Warcraft Newbie Gold Making Tips – Gold Farming With Spider Silk

By Leo Ling

As a newbie in World of Warcraft, they miss out lot of opportunities to make gold when they just starting out. WOW players have to remember the fact that gold is essential in the game that allow you to buy equipments and items to assist your character become stronger and level faster. In this article, I am going to share how newbie can earn gold easily to assist them.

Grinding of spiders is a great way to make gold in the game. In World of Warcraft, spider silk is one of the hottest items that sell and have good demand by tailors and leatherworkers. You can easily find spiders almost on every zone in game. For newbie, try going to the Alther’s Mill and Redbridge Mountains where you can find plenty of Tarantulas which have good drop rate of spider silk. Another great place to find spiders is Duskwood.

For the best location for spiders, go to the Giant Plains Creeper of the Arathi Highlands. This is where you will find tons of spiders you can easily hunt spider silk to sell.

Beside spider silk, spiders also drop other valuable items. There are several recipes in game that require spiders in one form or another. Cooking spider sausage, which has high demand by most of the players as it can heal large amount of health in 30 seconds, buff of plus 12 stamina and make your character sprint for 15 minutes.

Another valuable item drop by spiders is venom sac, which is the top seller in the auction house. It can be used for first aid and alchemy for crafting anti-venom.

The last valuable item drop by spiders is Iceweb Spiders Silk. This item has very high demand everywhere as it is used for crafting a lot of recipes and patterns, which include Epic Spellthreads and Flying Carpets.

Now you know that even if you are newbie, you can still make a lot of gold through Spider Silk Farming. This give you a good start in the game and the gold earn will assist you with your character’s leveling.

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I have ground out thousands of Gold with mining and skinning, thinking these were the prof’s that were the most in demand. Yet again, I am humbled by the vetrans in the WoW Gold collection world. Did you k now about the utter insane value of Spider Silk? Or were you like me and just focused on gathering profs?

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