My New WoW Lvl Guide Review

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How much do I know about the Wow Lvl Guide

Note that this is a review, if you are looking for the Zygor Guide itself, then CLICK HERE

So, why should I need a wow lvl guide, when in fact, I’m pretty much an expert on the entire World of Warcraft game, and all things contained there-in? Simply, the fact that I hear so many people talking in game, about an unfair advantage they have been getting from a guide called Zygor Guides, most of these players were hardcore gamers. Imagine my surprise when I found the new Zygor guide, and Zygor Dailies guide for myself. It’s normal to hear a few players wanting/needing a WoW Daily guide, most probably needed one, but this guide seemed to be so much more than I had imagined.

This made me think, since I’ve been playing WoW since beta, I know just about everything there is to know about the events and dailies, but many vet and advanced players were getting even more out of them than I was, so I thought I should take a closer look.  Also, what about rookie players, or gamers who just weren’t as dedicated or hardcore as I was. In the end, my curiosity got the better of me.

What is it that make the Zygor WoW Lvl Guide better than the rest? Here’s a vid that helps explain it.



See The Power Of The Zygor Guide For Yourself Here
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Newbie WoW Gold Tip – Spider Silk

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As a new or grinding player, Gold is always in high demand, and the information overload on what to train, what to harvest, and what prof’s to worry about can be insane. This article I found does a good job, I think of making a case for Spider Silk and it’s value.


World of Warcraft Newbie Gold Making Tips – Gold Farming With Spider Silk

By Leo Ling

As a newbie in World of Warcraft, they miss out lot of opportunities to make gold when they just starting out. WOW players have to remember the fact that gold is essential in the game that allow you to buy equipments and items to assist your character become stronger and level faster. In this article, I am going to share how newbie can earn gold easily to assist them.

Grinding of spiders is a great way to make gold in the game. In World of Warcraft, spider silk is one of the hottest items that sell and have good demand by tailors and leatherworkers. You can easily find spiders almost on every zone in game. For newbie, try going to the Alther’s Mill and Redbridge Mountains where you can find plenty of Tarantulas which have good drop rate of spider silk. Another great place to find spiders is Duskwood.

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A Closer Look At World of Warcraft Mining

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This is actually a pretty good, yet simple and basic introduction to World of Warcraft Mining Guide and other mining tactics that one might consider if they were to start a new character.



World of Warcraft Mining Guide

By Jeffrey Adams


The World of Warcraft Mining Guide contains all the information players would need in finding and gathering ores and other minerals. The resources in Warcraft are important for the development of one’s character. It allows the character to buy better weapons, armor, health and upgrades which make battles and quests easier. Mining is a skill which should be developed early in the game. It can be used as a primary method to earn resource.

Mining can be done in different areas of the map. Most major cities are near areas with lots of minerals and ore to mine. This helps players gain resources at an early rate.

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What Makes The Best WoW Guides and Walkthroughs

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I was researching some WoW Guides and walkthroughs when I found an interesting article, specifically because it is still relevant today, years after it was originally written. Checkout the article for yourself.



Walkthrough Guides For World of Warcraft
By Oscar Shupe

One can never avoid a situation where you get stuck at a certain point in your quest for hours and you have exactly no idea how to complete them. Indeed, that is very frustrating. There are actually a number of ways where you can find WoW Quest Walkthroughs by looking for them in the internet. Here are some of the best methods I found very helpful:

1. Since World of Warcraft is a friendly game, there are numerous players who are willing to help you online. Just be sure to be polite enough when asking for help.

2. There are online forums for WoW. However, finding the exact information you need could be time-consuming because of the large database. The three top sites that give good information are:

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Razer Naga 2012 Expert MMO Gaming Mouse

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Razer Naga MMO Mouse

Features (Naga 2012)

  • MMO-optimized multi-button thumb grid
  • Scroll wheels with 24 individual clicking positions
  • Anti-slip rubber coating
  • The interchangeable side panels
  • 17 MMO-optimized buttons
  • 3 Interchangeble Side Grips for Ergonomic Fit
  • Synapse 2.0
  • System Requirement:PC / Mac with USB port, Internet connection (for driver installation), At least 35MB of hard disk space, Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP or Mac OS X (v10.4 and above) Read more…

Learn The Easiest Ways To Level From 1 – 85 In Days.

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If you play World of Warcraft, then you are probably sick of grinding out alts, investing hours, days, even weeks into a new character, just to discover that you don’t really enjoy the class. Imagine if you could level a character from  1 to 85 in 1 week or less?

You can.

How? With these WoW Cataclysm Guides you will discover the tactics of the pros and learn how to avoid the most common mistakes that each and every beginner make. Getting lost in the zone, or not knowing how to complete a quest, or even worse, not knowing which with World of Warcraft quests to take first. Assigning your skill points in your talent trees have driven many players to build talent specs that ended up being of no help when leveling, but with the right guide, you can learn how to build a World of Warcraft talent tree to help you level like never before. Stop wasting your gold on the wrong upgrades from the auction house, when you get those same items as quest rewards, if you take the right quests.

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Uncover Your Leveling Power With Dugi’s Leveling Guide

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Go from average gamer, to POWER GAMER instantly with  the Dugi Leveling Guide

There are few guides out there for any game that can have such a dramatic impact on your leveling time, most of the time, they are nothing but exaggerated, over-hyped PDF guides or vague leveling tools.

Not the case with the Dugi Leveling Guide!

Note: This is a review post the World of Warcraft Leveling Guide: Dugi’s Ultimate WoW Guide.If you are looking for the guide itself then click here.


Dugi’ Ultimate WoW Leveling Guide Features

An in game add-on that uses smart guide technology to update, monitor and aid in finding and completing quests cutting your leveling time from weeks, down to days. In addition to leveling via quests, the Dugi Leveling Guide, also comes with additional guides including:

  • Loremaster & Dungeon Guide
  • Daily / Events Guide
  • Achievment / Profession Guide
    All features are  100% up to date with Cataclysm and beyond.

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Exposing The Secrets Of WoW Zones By Level With WoW Quest Guides

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A key to leveling new or existing wow character quickly is to know the wow zones by level, and when to enter each one. While there may be many trains of thought about this topic, in general, there are some proven strategies to follow.

Wow Zones By LevelBy using the right wow leveling add-on, you will be directed to the appropriate level zone to quest in, easily and efficiently. By taking quests in wow leveling zone comparable to your character, you will not only complete the accepted quests quicker, but you will also earn more gold/hour compared to farming an area and looting everything in sight. You will also end up being better equipped as many of the quests in a area offer armor / weapons / or trinkets as quest rewards, in addition to gold and experience.

You may be asking yourself, “Wouldn’t it make more sense to get into a group and take higher level quests for more experience?” While this may seem like a loophole as higher level quests offer more experience then lower level ones, if your grouped with a higher level players, you will still only gain lower level mob experience. In addition, by using a quality wow leveling guide, you will still earn more experience / hour by completing quests, and questing on appropriate level creatures and enemies than by doing a handful of higher level quests, and risking armor and weapon damage, not to mention item decay from getting killed and reviving multiple times.

With a good wow level guide, and by knowing the wow zones by level, you can out level, out earn, out rep, that if you grouped up and left the area.

A quick breakdown of the wow zones by level can be found on this page.

Points To Know When Learning WoW Zones by Level

What is the right wow leveling zones for my character? It’s critical to know the right zone to level in simply because it’s provides the appropriate level mob for you to level against. By going to up against mobs too high, you will simply experience frustration  and a waste of time as you run back to your corpse, after being revived at a graveyard you were just sent to after being killed by the mob you were fighting.

Outland woW zones by levelWhat Are The Right WoW Zones to Quest in?

The right zone to level in is usually close the one you were just in.  If you follow the quest lines carefully, you will typically find a quest that will eventually lead you out of the current zone, and into the next appropriate zone for you level, typically on a scouting or currior mission. “Take this note to my Captain”, or some other type quest that leads you into a new zone. When you reach your destination in the new zone, you will usually find that you qualify for a new set of quests for that area, all of which will be appropriate for you level.

When Do I Head To The Next WoW Zone For My level?

Try to get into the newer areas as quickly as possible, but not before you are ready for them. By taking a little extra time to make sure that you have no other quests in the current zone, will you  avoid clutter in your quest log, or that the remaining quests are pointing you in the same direction. That way you will know for sure that you are headed into the right area.

How Will A WoW LvL Guide Help You?

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Very few players, when first coming to World of Warcraft, are equipped to level effectivly and quickly, and end up frustrated for lack of a effective WoW LvL Guide. Learning how to level quickly is essential when it comes to getting the most out of your online gaming experience. But that does not mean simply grinding in an area, or mindlessly doing every quest in a zone and then moving to the next zone and repeating the process. You need a plan.

The best process that I have found to level quickly in online games, such as World of Warcraft is to use a lvl guide or system; a proven system, tried and tested that will help maximize your time in game, and get you the best results in the shortest amount of time.

What To Look For In A Good WoW LvL Guide

top rated wow lvl guideFor best results, I find that in game guides work best, as they give detailed, informative info right in front of you, on screen as part of the display you’re so used to already.

Simply by following the direction arrows to your next objective, you can complete multiple quests in a short amount of time, achieving multiple tasks for overlapping quests and above all, completing and turning in quests in tested and proven sequence that can also open up hidden or not commonly known quests. These hidden quests can often deliver either large amounts of experience, hefty payouts, or have terrific rewards, or combinations of all three.

In my experience with online games of any sort, it’s best to have a plan, or system to advance effectively. Having an effective wow lvl guide as a leveling blueprint can literally cut days off your quest based leveling time.

Do I Need a WoW Lvl Guide For The Starting Zones?

Not only does an effective wow leveling guide help you to level faster, but you will also acquire more gold from completing quests quickly, and looting mobs quicker by being able to handle the quests in the right order. You see, just because you may be the same level as a quest, does not mean that it’s not going to kill you easily. These hard quests are put in to keep you at a lower level longer, to help delay your leveling progress a little. Make you restore or repair your armour that decay’s upon death and forces you spend what little gold or silver you have collected so far, by visiting vendors to repair your armor. Taking you out of the field and into the local center, away from your experience gains, into hubs where you can spend your gold.

Should Everyone Use A WoW Lvl Guide

By using a effective World of Warcraft quest guide, you can, spend more time in the field, leveling, and not having to deal with those strategically placed quests until you are properly equipped to easily, and effectively handle and destroy those mobs, completing the quest, getting the experience, and taking the gold reward.

This is just one of the tactics and strategies used by a proven and tested wow lvl guide, to aid you in maximizing your experience per hour ratio, and help you avoid the frustration that plagues so many players at various levels that can annoy and even drive players away.

So don’t be a frustrated player who ends up quitting and leaving with a sour taste in your mouth. By using a powerful WoW Leveling guide, you can enjoy the benefits of the power gamers and long-time vets who have tested and discovered the very same tactics and strategies you will be using in these guides. Start today

Click Here for my Top Rated WoW Lvl Guide Review of the Zygor Quest Guide

the top rated wow lvl guide



WoW Guides

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A key element to using quaity WoW guides in to be able to enhance your enjoyment of your time in World of Warcraft. Simply because to enjoy any online game is it be able to achieve some form of success at a relatively early stage, particularly, your first few hours in game. If you start a game and discover it’s virtually impossible to handle creatures of any severity, even in the starting areas, then you are more likely to quit and go find something more enjoyable.

wow guides Are There Wow Guides For Every Play Style?

While it is my personal belief that no guides are necessary below level 10, it is possible to achieve a fairly large bank account at these low levels if you set your goals accordingly, take appropriate professions for your play style, and can dedicate 1 – 2 hours per gaming session.

First, not all game guides are created equally, some are simply text files made to look pretty by being placed in a PDF file with pretty graphics and exciting screen-shots,  others are nothing more than membership sites with tips on cheating, exploiting and short-cuts that will only aid you in getting your account banned. Unfortuantly, these types are the easiest to find and litter the internet.

Instead, when searching for quality wow guides, you actually want one the starts at level 1, and does not start with something like “Go to Stormwind”. You frankly don’t want to be in Stormwind to start levelling, unless you are looking for professions or equipment, more on that later.

What you actually want, is a guide, be it a video demo guide that show’s step-by-step examples of the quests to take, or, my personal preference, in game, add-on guides that display on-screen tips and instructions that direct you exactly where to go, and what quests to take.

How are Wow Guides Different?

I find these wow guides more effective not only because they take the worry and confusion out of the game, but they also have been tested by the developers to do more than just point you in the right direction of the nearest quests. The Zygor wow guides have been tested and re-tested for years and have developed not just a add-on to display a guide and direction arrow, but also will tell you which order you should complete the quests in. The reason for this is simple. Most quest guide add-on’s will detect what quest is closest to you at your current location and point the way to that quest area. Instead, the Zygor wow guides will take into account the quests you have completed, the quests you have in your quest log, and what quests in the area you can still take but have not. In other words, the order you complete the quests and accept new one’s, is even more important than the quests themselves.

How is this? If you take 10 quests and start at the nearest quest location, you will next be pointed to the next closest quest with a typical quest add-on system. But with the Zygor guide as oppsed to typical Wow guides, you will be directed in what may seem like the wrong direction, but in reality, it is pointing you to another group of NPC’s that offer high-value items and quest rewards upon completion, that will make the other quests you have already taken and have waiting to be completed, much, much easier. Thus lowering your quest levelling time, and increasing your gold per hour ratio, as well as your experience per hour rate. Simply by changing the order in which you accept and complete quests can cut days off your levelling time, and gain you higher level equipment faster and without the farming of trash mobs that typical guides tell you to farm for hours to get any form of decent experience points, and can bore you out of the game instead.

wow guides goldBy following the quest levelling guide provided by the Zygor guide, you will earn more gold, rank up faster in faction points, level faster in your professions (especially mining, skinning, and herbology, all in demand professions that pay well), and even see more of the game world than if you were to slash and trash your way around. You can find may Wow guides that claim to be able to accopmlish the same goals as Zygor, but not many actually deliver.

Final Notes About Using Wow Guides

As far as going to major cities, such as Stormwind, at early or low levels, this is typically for a secondary character that will be used exclusively for finding and selling stuff on the Auction House (AH) or to be used as storage. These are referred to as “Bank Toon’s”. Handy to have if you have acquired a fair amount of items, but not really helpful when it comes to levelling.

To See the Zygor Guide in action, click here for the Zygor Guide homepage. To read my deatiled review of the Zygor Quest Leveling Guide, click here.

zygor wow guides

Zygor Leveling Guide Master WoW Lvl Guide Strategies Easily

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Never before has it been easier and more enjoyable to begin a new character in the online game, World of Warcraft, with the zygor leveling guide, you can easily take any new character to max level in days with this state of the art WoW Lvl Guide

wow lvl guide zygor quest guideDiscover how easy it is to level to 85 with the Zygor Leveling Guide.

You don’t’ need to worry about updates, the Zygor  Leveling Guide is updated for Cataclysm, and gets updated with each and every patch.

You can even tailor the interface of the guide to your own personal style thanks to the guides flexible user interface options.

Nor are you stuck in a single line of quests, you can change all you want, as you want with the Smart Injection system. This even works with previously existing characters, Heirloom quests, and even the Recruit-a-Friend system, to help them level with you.

In addition, you also get the inside track on the Loremaster quests, covering every zone.

You also don’t have to worry about which talent to buy with your hard earned talent points, as built in Talent Advisor system can auto-assign these points for you, or just make suggestions.

With the release of Cataclysm, everyone had to re-learn how to level a new character, but with the Zygor leveling guide, the fun of leveling has returned. Ever think a wow lvl guide could be fun? Me neither, but this amazing, step-by-step, fully interactive and customizable guide makes it enjoyable.

Zygor Leveing GuideOther Benefits of the Zygor Leveling Guide?

  • How about not having to worry about installing any other plugin’s ever again, the guide included a built in Waypoint arrow to keep you from getting lost and telling you exactly where your next objective, or quest is located.
  • You also get complete guides Daily Quests. Where to find them, how to unlock them, when to do them, and how to complete them.
  • The secrets of gold are also revealed, tips on how to earn over 300 gold per hour
  • The SIS (Smart Injection System) easily configures itself for existing characters and updates their quests to the most direct and entertaining quest lines.
  • You also get powerful bonus guides to help guide you with understanding the Auction House, Death Knight Leveling, Inscription, Guild Leveling, even the Food and Drink Stat guide. All included, updated, and free.
  • You even get the Seasonal guide for easy achievements

You never again have to wonder what the trick is to Daily Quests either.  With the Zygor leveling guide, you can earn all the rare valuable reward items, only available through these lucrative, yet often overlooked quests.

Uncover The Secrets Power Leveling Here!

Your Friends Will want their own Zygor Leveling Guide, Be the First to have one.

With this wow lvl guide, you can also be the envy of your friends by gathering tons of achievements such as:

  • Exalted Champion of the Alliance
  • Exalted Champion of Ironforge
  • Exalted Argent Champion of the Horde
  • Exalted Champion of Orgrimmar
  • The Wyrmrest Accord
  • 200 Daily Quests Complete
  • Argent Valor
  • The Winds of the North
  • A Simple Re-Quest
  • Grizzled Vetran
  • Skyshattered
  • It’s Just a Flesh Wound
  • Lance a Lot
  • Just to name a few…

Needless to say, with this WoW lvl guide in your arsenal, you can become the envy of your friends and feared in PvP, all while earning more gold and enjoying more reputation than ever before.

Uncover the Leveling Secrets Of The Pro’s Here